After more than 11 years of partnering with clients, Fountainhead closed its doors on December 31, 2013.
We would like to thank all of the clients that made our success possible.
We truly enjoyed working with you and we wish you all the best in your future endeavors. If you require any of the services previously provided by Fountainhead, please contact Brian Hoyt.
Transforming raw data into usable, comprehensive business knowledge.
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Denver, CO 80206

Who We Are

We are a management consulting company located in Denver, Colorado with clients across the United States. We are trusted advisors to our clients and we help them tackle their toughest business problems. We develop innovative solutions that allow our clients to make more strategic business decisions.

To succeed, be different.
As a manager, you are always looking for ways to succeed, to become more profitable, to grow revenue. To do this, you need to show your customers - on a daily basis - that you are different than your competitors. You need to identify a competitive advantage and then exploit it. This is the essence of strategy: identify what makes you different and then determine how best to take advantage of that difference.

Discover your Data
Part of the process of discovering what makes you different is an in-depth, objective analysis of your underlying data -- sales transactions, customers, value streams, suppliers, markets, competitors, business processes, costs. Some refer to this as analytics; we refer to it as our bread and butter. Our drive and ability to analyze data is at the heart of our culture. This data-driven approach is a necessary part of any consulting exercise because it focuses the solution on your business, not industry averages or statistical samples.

Deliver Innovative Solutions
The discovery and analysis of your data are often the first step that you can take towards improving your performance and acting more strategically. We can help you move from merely analyzing your data to implementing innovative solutions for the betterment of your business. These customized solutions take many forms, including strategic action plans to improve your business or to help you respond to challenges like litigation; redesigned business processes that make you more efficient or lower your costs; and, custom, web-based platforms that allow you to view critical data related to your business.

Develop Trusted Relationships
The word "data" often conjures up rather impersonal images of zeros and ones, bar charts, and fluorescent-lit, air-conditioned server rooms. We soften these images by being easy to work with and by developing long-term relationships with our clients to provide them with unparalleled service. We work closely with people at all levels of your company and become your trusted advisors. Our clients look to us for our objective analysis and innovative solutions to gain knowledge, identify business opportunities, improve performance, proactively target challenges and drive performance.


During a run on an especially steamy summer day in DC, we identified a unique opportunity to provide consulting services in a different and better way. The vision was to provide the same services that the larger firms provided at a better value.

We organized Fountainhead, LLC in October 2002 in Washington DC. Our goal was to provide customized, personal and expert service to our clients. We would also ensure that only the appropriate levels of resources and technology are brought to each project. We felt that this would translate to superior value for our clients.

In 2004, we moved the firm to Denver, Colorado and have grown the practice to serve clients across the United States.

Brian E. Hoyt

Brian is a founding member and President of Fountainhead, LLC. He is a seasoned management consultant with almost 20 years of leading and delivering a wide range of management consulting services. He has a proven track record in helping companies make strategic decisions, improve their performance, and increase shareholder value.

Prior to starting Fountainhead in 2002, Brian had worked for Big 6 consulting firms, Price Waterhouse and Arthur Andersen. He was also the National Practice Leader for the Finance & Economics Consulting practice at a law firm in Washington DC.


University of Colorado
M.B.A. Finance, 2008

Fisher College of Business, Ohio State University
Six Sigma Black Belt certificate, 2005

Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania
Certificate in Financial Statement Analysis, 1999

George Washington University
B.A. Economics, 1992

Kathryn D. Aleda

Prior to co-founding Fountainhead, Kathryn worked as an attorney for large law firms in Washington D.C. She focused her practice in the areas of business law, environmental law and commercial litigation.


Emory University School of Law
J.D. 1996

Auburn University
B.S. Business, 1993, cum laude

Harvard University
Summer Semester Exchange Program, June-August 1992


Partnership with CICN

Fountainhead has partnered with the Colorado Independent Consultants Network (CICN). CICN is an Internal Audit and Business Process Consulting firm consisting of an expanding network of highly experienced professionals. CICN's innovative structure was featured in the Denver Business Journal as an emerging trend in reducing overhead costs to provide better value to their clients.
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